Twitter is a powerful tool for generating leads for your company. It’s also something that many small businesses don’t take benefit of. If you’re looking to get more leads from Twitter without tweeting about the weather, here are some tips and tricks to help you get started:

twitter leads

Tweet consistently.

Tweeting consistently is key to success. It will help you create a following, grow your audience, become a wondered leader and create your brand.

Consistency doesn’t mean tweeting once per week (or day). You want to tweet frequently enough that people come back to see what you’ve posted next. That said, it’s also essential to not overdo it: if you tweet too much, then people may stop following your user account due to all the noise or think that you’re spamming them or something similar. So discover the right balance between posting regularly enough so that people know they can count on seeing something from your user account every few days or weeks while avoiding spamming them with too many updates in one day/week/month/year…

Add a pinned tweet to the top of your page.

Pinned Tweets are a brilliant way to showcase your best tweets. These are the most trendy, most relevant and/or most essential tweets from your Twitter account.

You can pin any tweet on your account, but this is especially useful for new users who want to learn more about you and advantage from the information contained in these posts.

If you’re an existing user who wants to see what’s new with you or your business, pinning some of those newer posts will allow them to stay in front of their followers without having them scroll through all of them every time they visit Twitter.

Send a DM (direct message) to potential customers.

Sending a DM to potential customers is a brilliant way to begin a conversation. The best way to do this is through your business’s Twitter bio, which should include your company name, website address and phone number. If you don’t have one of these yet, build one now!

When sending a DM, keep it short and simple: “Hey! I saw you liked [insert my product] on Twitter. Would love to chat about how I can help you [accomplish your goal].” This will allow them more time to think about whether or not they want your product or service, instead of being bombarded with text messages over the weekend while they are relaxing at home with their family.

Make sure not only that you send the message but also follow up if they don’t respond right away—this isn’t spammy because it’s personalized based on what else they have posted online (i.e., whether or not they’ve mentioned liking our post), but still makes us look like we care enough to follow through even if it doesn’t work out immediately (which often happens).

Build a Twitter List of Your Ideal Customers.

You can build a Twitter list of your ideal customers by searching for people who have been tweeting about products or services similar to yours, then following them. To do this, simply type in a keyword or phrase that describes your target audience: “small business owners,” for instance.

  • Make sure the list is public so you can see the users’ names and profiles.
  • Use that list to follow those people and engage with them on Twitter. They’ll appreciate that you’re eager to listen to what they have to say (and they might even be interested in working with you).

And if someone new follows you? Well, there’s no better way than using this feature as an opportunity for outreach–you could send an @reply welcoming them into your community!

Build and promote an offer for free on Twitter.

If you want to use Twitter to generate leads, then an offer is a brilliant way to get people to engage with your company. You can offer free consultation, free trial, or even just ask if they have any questions in general. The offer should be something that is relevant to the industry you work in and something that’s easy for them to take benefit of (e.g., if you run a yoga studio, offering a complimentary class is more appealing than offering a free consultation).

By following these five tips, you should be able to use Twitter to generate leads for your company.

  • Be consistent.
  • Promote your offer.
  • Use DM to connect with customers.
  • Build a list of potential customers.
  • Add a pinned tweet to the top of your page


Remember, you’re not just trying to make your brand look good. The goal is to build relationships between you and your followers that lead to sales. So, use Twitter as a way to engage with these people and show them that you care about what they have to say.