If you’re like me, it feels as though Twitter is all the time changing and evolving. I’ve been using the platform for over 10 years now, and every time I log in there’s something new to learn. While this can be frustrating—it feels like it takes longer for your followers to see what you post than ever before. There’s also a silver lining: it means that platforms are more lucrative than ever before if you know how to use them correctly. One of my favorite methods to grow your reach on Twitter is by using cards. Cards allow brands and businesses to build interactive experiences with their audience by attaching images or videos directly from their website or social media user account onto tweets themselves (similarly to how Facebook Messenger works). In this blog post, we’ll go over how cards work along with some other tips on becoming an influencer within any community online!

Twitter Reach

Be a curator.

The easiest way to get your content seen is to make sure it’s seen by the right people. The Twitter search function makes this easy. By using keywords and hashtags, you can discover whatever you’re looking for in real time on Twitter.

You can also use the Trending section of the site to discover what’s famous among other users—and then distribute it with your own audience. For example, if “cats” is trending on Twitter, you can tap into that trend and tweet about how cute cats are without having to look up any data or statistics yourself!

Live tweet conferences.

One of the best methods to grow your Twitter audience is by live tweeting conferences. Use hashtags to reach new people and use Twitter search bars to discover conferences that are coming up or open to the public.

  • Live tweeting a conference will help you reach people who may be interested in what you have to say, but don’t follow you on Twitter yet.
  • Don’t just tweet about yourself during a conference! Instead, tweet key points from the speaker’s presentation or ask questions that other attendees may have that they’re too nervous or shy to ask out loud in front of everyone else at the event. This shows others that not only do you care about sharing information with them, but also show them how much passion there is behind what you do online – something every person wants from their online followers!

Follow up with users.

A brilliant way to increase reach on Twitter is by following up with users who have interacted with your content. You can do this by replying to their tweets and thanking them for engaging with your user account. This will show that you appreciate the interaction, which can lead them to check out more of what you post in the future.

You should also follow up with users who have retweeted or mentioned your user account in some way—whether it’s a retweet or mention, these are people that are interested enough in what you’re doing on Twitter to distribute it within their own network! Follow these people back and thank them for sharing your content!

Finally, don’t forget about those users who have tweeted at you directly! These are potential new followers who could be interested in what else you have to say on Twitter so make sure not just reply back but also thank them for reaching out as well!

Attend Twitter Chats.

  • Twitter chats are a brilliant way to interact with your audience. By participating in a Twitter chat, you’ll give your readers an opportunity to ask questions and engage with each other.
  • A Twitter chat is also a brilliant way to get your content in front of potential customers. In addition to posting updates about the event on social media, many organizers also do live tweeting or post transcripts after each session. This will help ensure that members of your target market see what you’re doing and come across it during their online searches for information on topics related to yours.*
  • Participating in a tweet chat is one way (among many) that you can create relationships with other influencers within the industry.*

Use alt text in your images.

  • Alt text is the text that appears when you hover over an image. You can add alt text in your Twitter user account and Twitter cards, or any time you upload an image to your tweet.
  • It should be descriptive, but not too long. The ideal length of alt text for images is about seven words at most—if it’s longer than this, some browsers will cut off the end of your description so users don’t see everything you’ve included in it anymore!
  • It should match up with what’s on screen. If your tweet has a YouTube video in it, make sure that alt text matches up with what happens when someone clicks play: “Watch this amazing video!” or “Here’s how I made my favorite breakfast recipe.”
  • Because people with disabilities rely on alt text descriptions to find out what they’re looking at—and therefore where they can discover more information about what they’re seeing—you should all the time make sure yours are accurate and helpful!

Use cards.

Cards are a brilliant way to showcase your brand and products. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Products
  • Events
  • Deals
  • Videos

You can also use cards to promote your website or social media accounts.

Cross-promote Twitter on other social media platforms.

Cross-promote Twitter on other social media platforms.

You can cross-promote your Twitter user account by adding it to your Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Instagram profiles. To do this, make sure you use the same username, avatar and user account picture across all platforms (this way your followers will recognize you). You should also include a descriptive bio that includes links to multiple accounts so people can easily discover you elsewhere on the web.

Track your growth and adjust accordingly.

As you accumulate data, you can use it to improve your strategy. If you have a slow begin, don’t give up! Instead, track how many followers are gained over time. If there’s not much growth over two weeks (or however long), go back and readjust your strategy based on the data that has been gathered so far. This way, when someone comes along who wants to know how to increase Twitter reach, they won’t be left wondering what exactly needs to change if the strategies aren’t working for them.

There are also tools that help keep track of follower growth over time with graphs and statistics displayed visually; these tools can be helpful in determining whether or not something needs fixing or if everything is working well enough without needing any tweaking at all.

Twitter, when used correctly, can grow your audience and reach potential customers more easily than other platforms.

Twitter is a great platform for growing your audience and reaching potential customers. It’s also a great place to connect with users, promote your content, learn about your audience and industry. Here’s how to get started:

  • Discover people you want to connect with—and follow them! If you want to discover new people who might be interested in what you’re selling or writing about, look at the bios of some of your followers and see what keywords they mention most often. If there are common themes in those bios (like “writer” or “marketing strategist”), then that can help narrow down your search results when searching Twitter Search From there, begin following accounts that are likely relevant based on their bio keywords as well as their follower list (ie: if someone has 2M followers yet only follows 500k accounts…maybe don’t follow him/her).


We hope these tips help you grow your audience on Twitter and reach potential customers more easily than other platforms. If you follow them, we think you’ll be well on your way to success!